• Atelix

    Atelix, via Enda Gribbon and an international network of associates, is supporting Keapstone in all aspects of commercial partnering and investment.  Enda established Atelix in 2008 and has worked within a range of neuro-therapeutic partnering deals, from small-biotech sell-side to large biopharma buy-side, in Europe, North America and Japan.

  • Sygnature Discovery
    Sygnature Discovery

    Keapstone therapeutics are proud to have Sygnature Discovery and Peak Proteins as their partners in this project and are operating a virtual model with all medicinal chemistry, computational modelling, early biochemical screening and DMPK/toxicology assays conducted at Sygnature Discovery with support from Peak Proteins for crystallography. Sygnature Discovery are experts in small molecule drug discovery having delivered 11 compounds into clinical development (Phases I and II) since 2011 across a range of therapeutic areas.  A further 13 compounds are currently in pre-clinical development.  For the collaboration with Keapstone Therapeutics, Sygnature is applying its pharmaceutical industry-tempered scientific resource and expertise throughout the drug discovery process.

  • SITraN

    The Sheffield Institute for Translational Research (SITraN) at the University of Sheffield has access to a wide variety of patient derived in vitro and in vivo models of both PD and MND which can be accessed on a fee for service basis.

  • European Lead Factory
    European Lead Factory

    Prior to the formation of Keapstone Therapeutics, work laying the foundation for the project was carried out by the European Lead Factory with funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and pharma partners.